Vita Biosa

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Variant: Original
Size: 500ml (20 Servings)

Live Fermented

No filler compounds or synthetic additives, all organic and natural processes

Holistic Gut Balance

In each shot is a full ecosystem of herb nutrients, live probiotics and postbiotics

Liquid Benefits

This format allows for interaction with the entire GI tract, from mouth to the intestine

Vita Biosa is fermented with

Digestive herbs

19 different organic herbs that both provide a good taste and act as nourishment for the bacteria in the fermentation process.

Probiotic cultures

8 cultures of bifido and lactic acid bacteria, which in the fermentation process convert molasses into organic acids (primarily lactic acid and acetic acid).

Raw molasses

Molasses provides powerful nourishment for the bacteria, as it contains both fibers, minerals, and sugar (all sugar is converted during the fermentation process, so Vita Biosa as a finished product is free from sugar).

Organic juices

Respectively, cold-pressed ginger juice, juice from 3 different berries, and rosehip puree, which give each variant a unique taste and nourish the lactic acid bacteria in the fermentation process.

Vita Biosa is more than a probiotic, it’s a complete, living, active ecosystem of health promoting herbs, cellular fuels, organic acids, and a range of the most beneficial bacteria for the gut and overall health.

- Cliff Harvey PhD, Clinical Nutritionist, Author & Researcher

Some words from our amazing customers


I was given come of this product to try and let's just say I am hooked! Will be buying some
as soon as I run out. Especially loving this mild berry flavour. It's a bit like having an apple
cider vinegar with herbs and probiotics. Very palatable.


Pleasant tasting and easy to take probiotic and organic it ticks all the boxes.


Experiencing IBS and frequent nausea for a few years- since taking this each morning my
stomach has felt "stronger" eg. Less queezy and my entire "Gut" feels way better!!
Definitely will be purchasing more

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