An organic fermentation process

The process

Biosa's products are manufactured through a fermentation process, where lactic acid bacteria and herbs are mixed with water and molasses. The lactic acid bacteria convert the sugar in the molasses into organic acids. These organic acids make the products self-preserving, and when the last trace of sugar in the molasses is converted, the fermentation process is complete. Once the fermentation process is finished and the product has been tested and approved, we bottle and label the product. Then it is ready to be sent out to stores around world.

1. Raw ingredients

In our production, we use organic ingredients. Biosa's products mainly rely on four ingredients: lactic acid bacteria, herbs, molasses, and water.

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2. Fermentation

Our products are made through a natural fermentation process. Fermentation is one of the oldest methods for preserving products, but the process also has several other benefits.

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3. Packaging

In our production, we use bottles made from at least 50% recycled plastic (RPET) to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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4. Quality control

All our products are continuously checked, both by ourselves and by an externally accredited laboratory, to ensure that they meet our high quality standards.

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Biosa's raw materials are sourced from registered suppliers. As part of Biosa's ISO 9001 quality management system, our suppliers are evaluated at regular intervals to ensure that our high standards are maintained.  

We use strains of bifido and lactic acid bacteria selected based on their different pH and temperature optima to optimize the fermentation process.

Lactic acid bacteria are essential for the fermentation process that our products undergo because they produce the organic acids, primarily lactic acid and acetic acid, which give our products a unique sour taste and ensure that they are self-preserving.  

All our products are fermented with 19 organic herbs, partly to assist the fermentation process but also to give the products their unique full-bodied flavor. Along the fermentation process, the herbs are removed from the mixture, so our products only contain extract from the 19 herbs. All our herbs are certified organic.

Biosa's products are fermented with organic cane molasses, which has a sugar content of approximately 60%. Molasses is the brown mass left behind when the sugar, which later becomes refined white sugar, is extracted.

Our cane molasses' high content of easily digestible carbohydrates ensures an efficient fermentation process. The lactic acid bacteria convert the molasses into organic acids, primarily lactic acid and acetic acid. The fermentation process continues until all the sugar content is converted, and all Biosa's products are therefore sugar-free.

Our products are certified organic and vegan

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