With a focus on people and the environment

Sustainable choices

For all our benefit

Through the choices we make, we all contribute to shaping the life and the world we live in. This happens every single day. We can choose to go with the flow, or we can choose to strive for the better.

We made our choice many years ago. Always striving for the healthiest and most sustainable solutions for our production and our products – for the benefit of humans, animals, and plants.

By funding 50 native trees through Trees That Count, we’re seeking to mitigate
parts of our carbon footprint over the next 50 years as those trees continue to grow, and help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity. That’s good for our carbon footprint, and good for Aotearoa.

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100% certified organic

All our products contain exclusively certified organic ingredients. We source our ingredients from suppliers with a special focus on organic farming and sustainability. We do this because we believe that through organic agriculture, we contribute to creating more fertile soil, reducing the use of pesticides, and at the same time, taking care of our groundwater and the nature we all share.

Wind Energy, Climate Initiatives, and Climate Forestation.

We aim to minimize environmental impact as much as possible while simultaneously enhancing both production and investment in sustainable energy. Therefore, we have:

100% Wind Energy

Converted our total production related energy consumption to CO2-neutral energy produced by Danish wind energy. The electricity we use is matched 100% with an origin certificate for wind energy from Danish wind turbines. This way, we obtain electricity without CO2 emissions and simultaneously invest in the development and transition to renewable wind energy.

Climate Initiatives

Through our chosen electricity provider, we also invest in a range of climate initiatives that further reduce the world's total CO2 emissions. We do this by supporting optimization projects that help sustainability elsewhere in the world – typically in third-world countries. With these initiatives, we are also contributing to improving the quality of life and/or the development of local communities in the affected project areas

CO2 Reduction

In collaboration with our electricity provider, we plant 50 new trees in Denmark every year to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. The Climate Forestation initiative focuses on both CO2 storage and biodiversity, as trees absorb CO2 throughout their lifespan and attract wildlife, thus slowing down the decline in biodiversity. The 50 trees that Biosa helps to plant each year will absorb more than 100% of the CO2 that we expect our electricity consumption to emit over their lifetime. As a company, we do our utmost to make as many sustainable choices as possible for the benefit and joy of our shared nature.

Green transition and preservation of biodiversity have always been important causes at Biosa. Therefore, we do what we can to support these areas, ensuring that our footprint remains as green as possible.

Eli Nielsen, Global CEO

The Sustainable Development Goals

With our evidence of Climate Initiatives and Climate Forestation, we contribute to supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable energy

Our goal is for the energy we use to come from as sustainable sources as possible. Additionally, we actively work to reduce our overall energy consumption.

Responsible consumption and production

Our goal is to make our production as efficient as possible. This involves fully utilizing all resources, minimizing waste, and using recycled materials to the greatest extent possible.

Climate action

Our goal is to ensure that the actions we take in the company contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.