Who are we?

"Hi, I'm Ayan!

I started Biosa NZ back in 2015 because I am passionate about health and optimizing our conditions in ways where we work in harmony with our body systems.

I saw how important gut health is; it forms the cornerstone of our physical well-being and intricately connects with various aspects of our vitality. With researchers uncovering new insights daily, it continues to be evident that the gut is a focal point of our health journey.

Understanding that each individual has unique needs, Vita Biosa to me is an accessible way to create a holistic foundation upon which to build our individual health journeys, each in our own unique way."

Gut health forms a cornerstone in our physical well-being

Ayan Nielsen, Biosa NZ Founder & Director

Experiencing the positive impact on just a single person using our products is an incredible fulfilment. And this is where our purpose comes from. We are here to contribute to the overall health and well-being of as many people as possible, this has always been the driving force for the company.

Fueled by this purpose, we have had the privilige of partnering with some amazing people and companies across Aotearoa New Zealand, who work tirelessly for our mutual purpose.

It is incredibly rewarding to witness this vibrant community dedicated to advocating for and advancing natural health solutions. We are very proud to be a part of this dynamic industry and we are driven to contribute our part in fostering a healthier future, using the most natural methods available.

Today, Ayan works with his brother, Eli, on managing the business globally. Both Eli and Ayan have strong ties with New Zealand. Eli is married to a Kiwi, and in 2020 Ayan proudly received his New Zealand citizenship!

Ayan and Eli's father founded Biosa in 2002

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