With focus on quality, ecology, and sustainability.


Organic Certification

Biosa was founded on ecological principles, and therefore all our products are made exclusively from organic ingredients. Our production methods are continuously optimized to be as gentle on the environment as possible.

Production & warehousing

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Purchases & sales

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ISO 9001

Quality is the core of our business, and we strive to continuously optimize our processes and increase efficiency in our work. At Biosa, we therefore have a high focus on effective management of our quality throughout all levels of our organization, which is why we have chosen to become ISO certified

Vegan Society

We are registered with the Vegan Society, the world's oldest vegan association. At Biosa, we support the work of the association while also wanting to assure you as a consumer that all our products are completely free of animal ingredients.

About our certificates

Having a holistic and sustainable approach to health and the environment has never been more important. It was the foundation of our company's establishment and remains so to this day. At Biosa, we have a high focus on quality and sustainable solutions in all parts of our organization. For the production of our many products, we exclusively use vegan ingredients and pure organic materials sourced from nature