A daily shot packed with tummy goodness!

Vita Biosa is more than a probiotic, it’s a complete, living, active ecosystem of health promoting herbs, cellular fuels, organic acids, and a range of the most beneficial bacteria for the gut and overall health.

- Cliff Harvey PhD, Clinical Nutritionist, Author & Researcher

Digestive Herbs

19 herbs fermented for increased bio-availability of phytonutrients

Active Probiotics

8 cultures of probiotics fermented with rich prebiotic plant fibers and nutrients


Organic acids from fermentation that are essential for regulating gut pH

Find your taste

Vita Biosa Original

Our global bestseller with a rich taste of herbs

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Vita Biosa Ginger

Our fresh alternative with organic ginger juice and acerola berry

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Vita Biosa Berry

Our lightly sweetened variant with organic juice from Aronia, Blackcurrant and Blueberry

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Vita Biosa Rosehip

The tangy and floral alternative with organic Rosehip puree

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Live Fermented

No filler compounds or synthetic additives, all organic and natural processes

Holistic Gut Balance

In each shot is a full ecosystem of herb nutrients, live probiotics and postbiotics

Liquid Benefits

This format allows for interaction with the entire GI tract, from mouth to the intestine

Meet the team

Who are we?

We are a family business with Danish roots, and strong ties with Aotearoa New Zealand. At Biosa we are have a passion for health and the environment, and we are fascinated by nature and the many solutions it offers.

We believe, that we can live healthier and more sustainably by using natures own inventions, and we are passionate about spreading these for the benefit of as many people as possible.

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Wind energy

We use 100% wind energy from Danish windmills for our production.

13 ton CO2

We plant trees

Every year we finance the planting of new 50 trees in Denmark, to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.


Organic ingredients

Our product line contains exclusively certified organic ingredients

We’re working with Trees That Count to mitigate
parts of our carbon footprint over the next 50 years, and help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity. That’s good for our carbon footprint,
and good for Aotearoa!

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Quality and sustainability are at the core of our production. All our raw materials are organic and thoroughly tested, and we use recycled materials for all our packaging whenever possible.

Eli Nielsen, Global CEO

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