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Do you have questions like: What is Vita Biosa? What are lactic acid bacteria? When should I drink Vita Biosa? We've collected the answers to the most common questions about Vita Biosa here.


Does Vita Biosa contain milk?

No! Vita Biosa contains lactic acid bacteria, which is often associated with dairy products. Lactic acid bacteria are so called, because they convert sugars to organic acids, primarily lactic acid (and acetic acid). So they have nothing to do with milk, and Vita Biosa can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

Does Vita Biosa contain gluten?

No. Non of the ingredients in Vita Biosa contain gluten.

What's in Vita Biosa?

Vita Biosa contains 8 different cultures of living lactic acid bacteria, organic acids and herbal extract. Vita Biosa is a natural product, which contains no preservatives, sugar or dairy ingredients.

What herbs are in Vita Biosa?

Vita Biosa contains extract from the following 19 different herbs: angelica root • aniseed • basil • chamomile • chervil • dill • elderflowers • fennel seeds • fenugreek seeds • ginger • juniper berries • liquorice root • nettle • oregano • parsley • peppermint • rosemary • sage • thyme.

Does Vita Biosa contain sugar?

No. As a finished product, Vita Biosa is completely free of sugar.
We add organic molasses to speed up the fermentation process, but along the way the lactic acid bacteria convert all the sugar content into organic acids, which means Vita Biosa is 100% sugar-free before we bottle the product.

What are lactic acid bacteria?

The term “lactic acid bacteria” covers a number of live microorganisms, single or mixed cultures of e.g. lactobacillus bacteria and bifido-bacteria that produce organic acids.

What are Organic Acids?

Organic acids are derived from organic compounds. These acids are naturally present in the intestines and are formed by e.g. lactic acid bacteria. In Vita Biosa the organic acids are present in the form of lactic acid and acetic acid (postbiotics) amongst others.​

What is fermentation?

Fermentation with lactic acid bacteria is a process in which the lactic acid bacteria convert, for example, molasses into lactic acid and acetic acid.

When should I drink Vita Biosa?

Vita Biosa can be consumed at any time - preferably several times a day! Some people prefer to drink it on an empty stomach, while others prefer to drink it with meals.

Should I drink Vita Biosa as-is, or mix it with something?

Vita Biosa can be easily mixed in with water, juices or smoothies. The only thing to keep in mind is that the lactic acid bacteria feed on nutrients (like the sugar from juice or smoothies, which are then converted to acids), so if you're going to mix Vita Biosa with anything, you should try to do it just before you drink it.

Can I drink Vita Biosa while on antibiotics?

Antibiotics work by killing bacteria, and therefore also the lactic acid bacteria in Vita Biosa. Antibiotics do not however influence the content of organic acids and herbal extract.

Can I drink too much Vita Biosa?

Vita Biosa only contains natural ingredients, so there is no risk of drinking too much. It is however advised to try out various amounts first to see what is right for you. We recommend 20-30ml per day, but if you feel that you would like to drink more, feel free!

Is it normal for Vita Biosa to fizz?

Yes! It's just as normal for Vita Biosa to be effervescent as it is for it to be flat. Neither is a sign of reduced quality, but if you have any concerns feel free to contact us here.

Is Vita Biosa certified organic?

Yes! Vita Biosa Original, Berry, and Ginger are all certified organic with the Danish State Certified Ecological (Øko-mark) the EU Eco-Regulation (EC), and the USDA organic certificate.

Is Vita Biosa vegan?

Yes. All our Vita Biosa varieties are registered with the Vegan Society, which is the world's oldest vegan association. It is our guarantee to you that our products are completely free of animal ingredients.


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