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Who is Erik Nielsen?

Erik Nielsen had a fine education and good management job, when he at age 30 decided to do something completely different with his life. This became the initiation of a career with ecology, sustainable production and microorganisms.Erik was born and raised in Broager in South Jutland, where his father was the director for the local timber trade. Erik moved from South Jutland and took a Business Administration, MSc. degree and also became a chartered accountant.After being chief of finance at Spies Travel Agency for 2 years, Eriks longing for a simpler and more meaningful life began to take hold. In 1985 Erik left the business sector and purchased Dragon Hill Farm in Frederiksvaerk.While establishing himself as a farmer, Erik became more and more convinced that it should be possible to produce crops and animal products in an environmentally friendly way, and therefore converted the farm to a biodynamic farm with cattle and vegetable production.

Behind the first organic legislation

Biodynamic, organic, and ecology were not terms as common and positive as they are today, and there was no regulation for it. Therefore, Erik joined other like-minded individuals and founded the organic legislation of Denmark - the first in Europe - and hereafter contributed in the dissemination of these laws through his membership in the Organic Farming Council under the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Probiotic experiments

Eriks work in the Ministry of Agriculture lead him all around the world, as an adviser on sustainable practices. In 1994 on one of these travels, Erik had a life changing meeting with Professor Dr. Teruo Higa from the Ryukyus University in Okinawa. Dr. Teruo Higa had developed a composition of microorganisms, that could improve the growth and strength of plants exponentially. In 1995, Dr. Teruo Higa sent one of his researchers, Aya Okuda, who was a Cand. Scient- in agro-biologi, to Denmark to work with Erik. The following years were spent on experimenting and researching microbes with Erik, and ensuring Erik was confident in understanding the amazing world of microorganisms. With his newfound understanding of this technology, Erik started his own experiments, which he was convinced could be beneficial for not only plants, but also for animals and human health. After years of experimentation, he discovered the optimal method, and BIOSA was born. During these years of research and experimentation, Erik had acquired a large knowledge base on microorganisms and also fermentation.

In the late 1990’s, Erik tested his fermented drink with lactic acid bacteria and herbal extracts for human health. With positive results, the drink was named Vita Biosa.

Erik with two of his son; Ayan Nielsen and Eli Nielsen

The Biosa family

Biosa remains a family business today, with several of Eriks sons and daughter working around the world to promote health and sustainability. The Biosa family is a family passionate about health, sustainability and innovate solutions, and Biosa International currently sells their products to over 35 countries around the world. Despite Eriks early successes in life, it was not wealth or polished offices that took a place in Erik’s life, but instead a continuing search for sustainable solutions based on fermented products with microorganisms.

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