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What makes Vita Biosa unique?

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Vita Biosa is a certified organic ready-to-drink probiotic herbal tonic. Combining the beneficial effects of probiotic bacteria and herbs is advantageous in many ways. In the final fermented product, the valuable substances of the herbs are conserved, and at the same time, the herbal extracts have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the probiotic bacteria, which multiply and produce vital organic acids.

The combination of live probiotic strains, extract of 19 different herbs and organic acids is what makes Vita Biosa truly unique.

Pure and simple.

Vita Biosa is certified organic!

An organic blend of 3 essential elements

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Vita Biosa is a unique opportunity to get live probiotics without any dairy.

As the product is fermented the probiotics are alive and active from the very beginning. Vita Biosa contains 8 live cultures of lactic acid bacteria, and an average of 2 billion live CFU per serving.

Organic Acids

Due to a natural fermentation process, Vita Biosa contains not only live probiotic bacteria, but also the valuable organic acids they produce. These acids lower the pH locally to a level, which inhibits the growth of pathogens and provides optimal conditions for beneficial bacteria.


The 19 organic herbs, specifically selected for their beneficial effect on the digestive system and anti inflammatory properties, release their phyto-active substances; oils, alkaloids, anti-oxidants, natural sugars, acids, vitamins, minerals etc., through the fermentation process which then carries into the product.

The Herbs in Vita Biosa

Angelica • Anise • Basil • Chamomile • Chervil • Dill • Elder • Fennel
Fenugreek • Ginger • Juniper • Large Nettle • Liquorice root
Oregano • Parsley • Peppermint • Rosemary • Sage • Thyme


Vita Biosa comes in 3 different variants, all based on the same core ingredients, but some with additional components added to the fermentation process with their own unique benefits. The current variants include the Original, the Aronia and the Ginger. Have a look below and click the buttons to read more about them.

Vita Biosa Original
Vita Biosa Aronia
Vita Biosa Ginger

How do I take Vita Biosa?

There are many ways you can use our favorite probiotic. You may feel free to drink it straight, or you can create delicious probiotic juices and smoothies!

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You can drink it straight, or mix with either →

Vita Biosa is certified organic!


It is our philosophy that quality and sincerity go hand in hand, and we are big believers in the principles of organic produce and sustainable solutions in both health and industry. This is why Vita Biosa is certified organic under the EU Eco-Regulation, registered and audited by the United States FDA, and is also registered with Health Canada.