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Effective and sustainable with probiotic bacteria

Erik Nielsen founded Biosa Danmark in 2001. His passion for fermentation and probiotic bacteria began in 1994, when he became aware of the microorganisms´ amazing beneficial properties, and he quickly realized that the bacteria´s potential for solving many of the problems faced by the modern world.​

"It fascinated me that every living thing, every plant, animal and human not only lived in harmony with the bacteria, but that they depend on them. We simply couldn´t exist without them"

Erik Nielsen founded Biosa in 2001

At that time he was an organic farmer and he made his quest to find sustainable technologies for organic farming, and for increasing health for both humans and animals.

"I could see that probiotics gave new life in an efficient and sustainable way, so I set out to learn more about them. The goal was to develop products with microorganisms that were both organic, efficient and sustainable."

Erik's passion and perseverance resulted in Biosa International ApS, and today we manufacture and supply products to more than 30 countries worldwide. Throughout the years, ecology, sustainability and the desire to make the world a better place has always been the core of all that we do. And we firmly believe that probiotics are the way to achieve this.

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Our desire to contribute to a healthier world has always been at the core of our products and technologies.

We always seek to offer a healthy, natural and sustainable alternative.

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